Estate Planning Strategies

Estate planning is an ongoing process that includes strategies for both building your estate as well as conserving it. Working with your other Advisors, we offer estate planning strategies that help bring all the pieces of your estate plan together. Our services address:


  • Tax planning strategies designed to help reduce taxes that could significantly – and negatively – impact assets that you plan on passing on to heirs.
  • Trusts are another wealth building and estate preservation tool that we utilize. Trusts can be used to transfer assets for the protection of children and heirs, avoid the taxation of life insurance in an estate, keep assets intact through divorce proceedings, or while paying income to a designated person.
  • Review of your current will and business agreements to determine if your estate planning goals require any updates and/or changes to your documents.

The use of trusts involves complex tax rules and regulations.  Consider enlisting the counsel of an estate planning professional and your legal and tax advisors prior to implementing such sophisticated strategies.  The cost and availability of life insurance will depend on factors such as age, health, and the type and amount of insurance purchased.